Thursday, 27 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 15 - Almost completed the build!

Day 15  and I spent most of the evening prepping the last 10 man Jungle warriors kit that came today. Once i get them assembled and on a base tomorrow i will finally have the build complete! I also spent some and more time on the Deathwatch which are coming along nicely. The storm shields are really detailed and take time but still manage to be fun to paint. Sorry about the photo,  will hopefully have the tripod and light box set up soon so vast improvements on the way.

1500 pts in a month - Day 14 - Deathwatch getting some love

Day 14 is upon us, well pretty much gone actually but still! Today's hobby love was spent on the stalker bolter team, prepping the kasrkin flamers and also the catachan that arrived earlier on today. Managed to get most of the base coating down on the deathwatch and a good dettol soak and scrubbing for the special weapons squads.

1500 pts in a month - Day 12 and 13 - Final vehicle build

Sorry for the delay in any updates, I've not forgotten, what free time i have had has been spent on the project and family. I've had a bit of bad news and it turns out i won't be able to attend the tournament after all. My wife's operation has been moved to just before the date so i will have to try and attend another soon, family comes first!

Despite this i'm going to continue the challenge and aim to still complete it in the time frame!

Monday, 24 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 11 - More paint!

 Day 11 already and i finally finished painting my first model. I took my time with this one to make sure i got the colour scheme how i wanted it and covered the details as best i could. Some slight touch ups to do but otherwise done!

1500 pts in a month - Day 10 - Finally some paint!

Day 10 and i finally got to get some paint on the first Deathwatch Kill team! I thought i would do one whole model while i figured out the paint scheme then would batch paint the next 4 to speed things up. It's not quite finished yet but i'm really enjoying painting the Mentor for the squad. 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 9 - A slow but essential day

Day 9 has arrived, after yesterdays storming progress today was not so good. My Vendetta did finally turn up and i even got a free pen for the wait!

1500 pts in a month - Day 8 - Deathwatch Built!

Day 8 was a very productive evening, I managed to finish off building the 5 Man Biker Squad and Rhino,

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 7- Deathwatch time

Day 7 is upon us and as i said yesterday i wanted to get some more work done on the Deathwatch. So far I've built up 4 of the squad, 2 with Stormshields and 2 without with 1 more to come. These were fun to put together, i had to chop the arms off just under the shoulder pad to get variance in the pose.

1500 pts in a month - Day 6 - Armoured support

Day 6 and i didn't have much time for hobby love today, home life and work taking up most of my time. I still managed to make some progress though! I put the finishing touches to the nose piece of the Vendetta and managed to almost finish building a Rhino too. I'm magnetising the roof which is why it's open, i want to be able to use this as a Razorback should the opportunity arise. It shouldn't be very difficult to achieve i don't think!

1500 pts in a month - Day 5 - Air Support!

Day 5 has arrived and finally getting to build some vehicles! I have to say it's a pretty good kit to build, there were no real problems and barely any gaps a little bit of liquid green stuff can't fill! 
I'm still undecided on the paint job.

Monday, 17 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 4

Day 4 was a good day, although i was short on time for various reasons i still managed to get something done. 

I airbrushed the base coat on all of the models using Vallejo black primer. I really like this primer as it goes a long way and gives a good coat and a nice satin finish so it's easy to paint over. If you mix it up roughly 60/40 Vallejo Black Primer/Air Brush Thinner it's really easy to work with with little to no dry tip stops. Over 40 ish models i think i had to clean the tip once and only used a bout 25 ml of the mixture.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 3

I've hit Day 3 of my challenge and made some more progress. I managed to polish off building and basing the 40 troops for my Astra Militarum Platoon today which i'm pleased with as it's a good chunk of the 81 models in the list. I'm hoping to get the all base coated and ready for detailing tomorrow. Very excited to see the re-release of the kasrkin kits made to order by GW today which has filled a gap in wondering what to use as my grav chute troops!

Friday, 14 October 2016

1500 pts in a Month - Day 2

So i'm into day 2 of the challenge now and really enjoying putting together some Catachan models i've had lying around for ages waiting for a project calling for them. So far i've managed to get 22 of them together and ready for basing and undercoat which i am hoping to do next. If i can get all 40 of these meat heads ready that's a fair chunk of the troops covered off, just leaving command squads, special weapons teams, characters and a couple of cheeky vehicles to go guard side!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Blog Relaunch 1500pt Challenge - Day 1

So i have decided to move my blog to blogger and relaunch as i wasn't getting on well with Wordpress! It was taking to long to learn and with all the projects i have going off at the minute i need a solution that is more user friendly. So here we are!

I have recently started a new project and put the Daemons on the back burner while i get cracking. It all started with a painting challenge myself and Nick from The Burning Eye which has been nicknamed pod and a squad. We have set ourselves a month to complete a 10 man squad, Drop pod and HQ of our choice.
I went for a Drop Pod, 4 frag cannons, 4 infernus heavy bolters, a black shield, a sergeant and Librarian in Terminator Armour which i am very excited to paint! Not a leagal squad i know but they are all mini's i will be using in a MSU list.
Nick chose a drop pod, 10 Cataphractii Terminators and a Libby
This is well underway and i now have all the models built and undercoated ready to paint, so watch this space for some updates shortly!