Friday, 14 October 2016

1500 pts in a Month - Day 2

So i'm into day 2 of the challenge now and really enjoying putting together some Catachan models i've had lying around for ages waiting for a project calling for them. So far i've managed to get 22 of them together and ready for basing and undercoat which i am hoping to do next. If i can get all 40 of these meat heads ready that's a fair chunk of the troops covered off, just leaving command squads, special weapons teams, characters and a couple of cheeky vehicles to go guard side!

I'm feeling quite nostalgic while i build my troops as these were a firm favourite of mine when i first started collecting in the 90's. I remember Necrons had just come out and everyone in the local store kept singing "i get knocked down but i get up again" popular tune back then that fit them perfectly!I had my eyes on building an Imperial Guard force back then but was restricted to birthdays and Christmas for getting new models, or the small amount of pocket money i could save up which never amounted to much, damn you blister packs! I was more into the painting and collecting side of things back then, if i had actually played the game i don't think i would have ever had my 10 year break from Warhammer!

No progress on the Deathwatch front as i am still waiting for the paint delivery from gw. I'm going to pop into Forgeworld over the weekend and pick up the last few bits required for the army.

Short update today but there will be a bit more meat tomorrow!

Happy Wargaming!


  1. Keep at it Tom, the drop pod is imminent for finishing this weekend!

  2. Getting there, the nice softplastic of the old kits helps with prep speed! Going to pick some paint up today and get the brush warmed up this evening!