Saturday, 22 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 8 - Deathwatch Built!

Day 8 was a very productive evening, I managed to finish off building the 5 Man Biker Squad and Rhino,

and the 5 man Stalker Bolter Squad,

On top of that i also managed to undercoat everything that hadn't been done already and topped up the metal Catachan who needed a second coat.

Really enjoyed spraying the Vendetta especially. Airbrushed really shine when it comes to larger vehicles it seems! 

So all in all a good day for the challenge! I'm hoping that the second Vendetta turns up shortly, but until then i can get on with a few other bits. The forgeworld upgrade kits, even though i washed them as instructed, still retained some of the mould releasing agent. So i intend to scrape this off and give undercoating them another shot, hopefully with better results!

Thanks for checking in!

Have fun!

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