Wednesday, 19 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 7- Deathwatch time

Day 7 is upon us and as i said yesterday i wanted to get some more work done on the Deathwatch. So far I've built up 4 of the squad, 2 with Stormshields and 2 without with 1 more to come. These were fun to put together, i had to chop the arms off just under the shoulder pad to get variance in the pose.
I used a Sternguard arm for the front arm which worked a treat. It was that or run a 4 man squad all in the same pose reloading. Which reminds me i still need to add the clips too!

I also cracked open the bikers and got 3 prepped and partially built. I've got plenty of spare bits over so will be trying my best to make each of these unique as well. I think i will also magnetise the left or right arms on them with power weapons but for the tournament they won't be using these so i can paint them at a later date.
Another evenings and all the troops and dedicated transports for Deathwatch should be done, I'll be making a watch captain at some point, or just using the Artemis model to save time. I'll see how the rest of the build goes time wise.

Sleep time! 

Have fun!

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