Monday, 24 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 10 - Finally some paint!

Day 10 and i finally got to get some paint on the first Deathwatch Kill team! I thought i would do one whole model while i figured out the paint scheme then would batch paint the next 4 to speed things up. It's not quite finished yet but i'm really enjoying painting the Mentor for the squad. 

Decided to go for a strong highlight with a hint of Blue to make the Black armour look more finished. There's some touching up to do already but hopefully it shows well enough what i'm trying to do. This is the first power armoured mini i have painted since i was about 10, so this is a really fun and nostalgic experience! I'm also learning a hell of a lot along the way using various different brushes i haven't used before. It seems a nice and springy goes a long way to helping with edge highlighting, the rest is a steady hand!

Back soon!

Have fun!

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