Thursday, 13 October 2016

Blog Relaunch 1500pt Challenge - Day 1

So i have decided to move my blog to blogger and relaunch as i wasn't getting on well with Wordpress! It was taking to long to learn and with all the projects i have going off at the minute i need a solution that is more user friendly. So here we are!

I have recently started a new project and put the Daemons on the back burner while i get cracking. It all started with a painting challenge myself and Nick from The Burning Eye which has been nicknamed pod and a squad. We have set ourselves a month to complete a 10 man squad, Drop pod and HQ of our choice.
I went for a Drop Pod, 4 frag cannons, 4 infernus heavy bolters, a black shield, a sergeant and Librarian in Terminator Armour which i am very excited to paint! Not a leagal squad i know but they are all mini's i will be using in a MSU list.
Nick chose a drop pod, 10 Cataphractii Terminators and a Libby
This is well underway and i now have all the models built and undercoated ready to paint, so watch this space for some updates shortly!

Now Nick and i are both attending Fluffageddon in November which is a 1500pt no cheese tournament. It's only my second tournament so looking forward to the experience, meeting new people and hopefully learning a thing or two too! This got me thinking about a new list which involves Deathwatch and Astra Militarum (catachan i have had for ages and finally get to use!), it's got a bit of everything in so would be really fun to play and fluffy at the same time. I'll release the list closer to the time to see what everyone thinks!

I have decided to, running along side mine and Nick's challenge, extend it further. I'm going to attempt to prep and paint the entire 1500pt list in a month! Starting October the 12th (yesterday) i have already made good progress.

With the bulk of the Deathwatch already built from the start of mine and Nick's challenge i have a slight head start as you can see. Roughly 400pts ready to paint, as i won't be using the infernus heavy bolters for the tournament. Finally starting to really enjoy using my new airbrush and can't wait to get cracking with some colours. I've just ordered some of the citadel air range and nuln oil gloss to see how they are to work with and what effects i can achieve.

I will be posting daily updates with progress and thoughts as i go along, really hope you join me on this daunting journey and will update again tonight!

Happy Wargaming!


  1. Good Luck pal! You know I'm gonna win though! ;)

    5 Terminators down already, pod should be done this weekend, no pressure eh?

    1. We shall see about that brother! You are definately in the lead though! Paints need to hurry up!