Wednesday, 19 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 6 - Armoured support

Day 6 and i didn't have much time for hobby love today, home life and work taking up most of my time. I still managed to make some progress though! I put the finishing touches to the nose piece of the Vendetta and managed to almost finish building a Rhino too. I'm magnetising the roof which is why it's open, i want to be able to use this as a Razorback should the opportunity arise. It shouldn't be very difficult to achieve i don't think!

This is going to carry the stalker bolter squad into battle giving me an ob sec transport to drop off troops then attempt to camp on another objective, if it's still alive by then! I'm hoping it will stand up to firepower to get the stalkers in place turn one to cover most of the board with supporting fire.
Next i'm wanting to finish the deathwatch part of the army build completely so will be working on the 5 man stalker bolter squad and 5 man biker squad. 
I'm still waiting for delivery of some parts of the army, I've got some of the kasrkin made to order on the way and more flamers for the vendetta special weapon squads, another vendetta to come and a box of Catachan to finish off the command squads with the odd veteran las cannon. Still working out markings and a nice obvious but not daft looking way to determine between officers/guardsmen and conscripts. Perhaps just by escalating the details per model? 
Still enjoying building as it's giving me a lot of time to think about how i want each unit to look, hoping to have the best part of 3 weeks to get paint down and ready!

Happy wargaming!

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