Saturday, 22 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 9 - A slow but essential day

Day 9 has arrived, after yesterdays storming progress today was not so good. My Vendetta did finally turn up and i even got a free pen for the wait!
I started to build this and currently have the body built. 
I also did the essential base coat on all the Deathwatch models of Abaddon black. Although the difference between the primer and the colour was negligible, It wasn't quite ass deep a black as Abaddon's.

I'm now just waiting on the Made to order Kasrkin to be cast by GW to complete the special weapons teams and i also ordered Marbo as company commander, just because it's Marbo!

I think tomorrow i might finally be able to get the brush out and start working on the Deathwatch colour scheme. I'm sticking with the black and Red, however the highlighting i'm still undecided on. I want a slight blue hint to the armours highlights as i mentioned before. So will have to experiment and see how what i have in mind turns out.

On to Day 10! This is going very quickly and so much left to do!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Wargaming!

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