Thursday, 27 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 14 - Deathwatch getting some love

Day 14 is upon us, well pretty much gone actually but still! Today's hobby love was spent on the stalker bolter team, prepping the kasrkin flamers and also the catachan that arrived earlier on today. Managed to get most of the base coating down on the deathwatch and a good dettol soak and scrubbing for the special weapons squads.
I just need 6 more guard to fill them out with, which may have to be catachan until the casts from gw come. Either way i'm only 6 guard and some basing away from having the whole army built!

I'm really looking forward to just painting for a while. It will give me plenty of practice and will finally have my first fully painted army to play with. Getting to finally play it is really helping to keep motivation up too.

Tomorrow final guard should be finished and some more paint down.

Happy wargaming! 

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