Monday, 17 October 2016

1500 pts in a month - Day 4

Day 4 was a good day, although i was short on time for various reasons i still managed to get something done. 

I airbrushed the base coat on all of the models using Vallejo black primer. I really like this primer as it goes a long way and gives a good coat and a nice satin finish so it's easy to paint over. If you mix it up roughly 60/40 Vallejo Black Primer/Air Brush Thinner it's really easy to work with with little to no dry tip stops. Over 40 ish models i think i had to clean the tip once and only used a bout 25 ml of the mixture.
I've gone for black because I want a darker appearance to the model, as if it were night time. In my head i'm seeing them in a last stand at a jungle outpost that has been torn to wastes, now just a swampy mess of a landscape, terrorised by Tyranids. I'm also going to highlight as if it was a full moon, so there's a cold white light falling on everything. I'm hoping this will fit well with the Deathwatch silver shoulder pad, so i can paint a nice bright highlight with a tint of blue to it.

The other couple of things i managed to get some work done on were the two vendetta upgrade kits i got at the weekend. As always the resin cast was really easy to work with. Although one kit seemed to be from an improved mould as it took 1/4 of the time to prep compared to the other. With these ready I'm looking forward to building the 2 Vendetta's i'm going to be using. Other than flying monstrous creatures I've not used any other flyers yet! I plan to load these up with special weapons teams 2 flamers, a demo charge and 3 las per squad. I'll aim to grab or attempt to clear objectives with these. Will have to see how i roll on the day for my deep strikes.

The paints i ordered for my Deathwatch arrived today and i also picked up some clear coats to mess around with for heat tipping guns and tinting metals. I'll also let you know how the citadel air range is if you haven't already tried it. I'll get to it in a couple of days i think. 

So tonight is going to be spent starting work on the first Vendetta. Let's see how the kit is to build!  

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